Self help Projects

To ensure long term sustainability, we endeavour to undertake income generation projects that would not only provide a source of income for the home, but also help the children to learn livelihood skills and entrepreneurship skills.

We are welcome to new ideas

We welcome you to support and partner with us in our self-help projects and help us with new opportunities.

Mother's mercy home- self help projects- commercial vegetable farming

Vegetable Farming

Vegetables play a big role in nutritions of the children.  For this basic reason, we continue to produce enough vegetables from our farm. The extra vegetables are sold at nearby towns' generation revenue for the home

Mothers mercy home- dairy farming

Rabbit, Chicken and cow and goat Keeping

 The home also engages in farming of Rabbits, chickens, Cows and goats for meet and milk generation which are consumed at the home and the extra sold at nearby town generation revenue for the home. 

Water Kiosk

We supply clean drinking water to the surrounding neighbourhood to generate some income to assist in running the home

Mothers mercy childrens home- school bus

Hiring out our School Bus

The children home posses one school bus used in supporting the activities of the home. However, during school holidays and weekends, we hire our the bus people and institutions such as churches at fee generation income for the home